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Consulting Services

First and foremost, no situation is the same. We treat every situation with care and understanding of uniqueness. Therefore we really emphasize our intake period to customize a complete service tailored to maximize our relationship together and help you, your organization and leaders elevate their service leadership. Below are categorical samples to help you imagine the different type of services and how they can best fit your needs. 

I highly encourage all of my clients to work out a flat rate for the duration of the term and structure a contract that is focused on deliverables, goal setting and not necessarily hours worked. 

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In a Meeting

Strategic Campaign Planning and Facilitation

We can help you develop a strategic campaign plan that begins with a SWOT Analysis, along with SMART Goals will be provided as initial research.

We will also conduct stakeholder interviews and help build a group consensus and independently draft the campaign plan for review 

Communications and Messaging

We know messaging is key to success. A successful message can inspire people to action, and is simple enough for people to grasp and share. However Messaging is not easy and a tremendous amount of work goes into distilling and crafting a message that is able to resonate with your audience. 

We use an interdisciplinary approach of applied cognitive linguistics, marketing and political campaign messaging models. 

Conference Event

Crisis Management

Our goal is to avoid or resolve a crisis before it becomes a problem. However if you are currently in an organizational crisis you would generally meet the following three criteria. 

1. There is a clear threat to the client's well being or goal.

2. A decision or action will be taking place within the immediate future. 

3. Unexpected and unplanned for. 

We will help you

1. Define the threat and analyze it's strengths , weaknesses. 

2. Identify and choose a turnaround strategy 

3. Implement the change process and monitor the situation. 

Coalition and Community Building

We believe coalitions and community building go hand in hand to creating a better future. We also understand coalitions are not easy and have specialized in developing coalitions throughout the past decade to help you create yours. 

In short there is no cookie cutter coalition approach, however there is a set of "guidepoints" that can help create a coalition to solve the problem. 

Our first step would be to identify why, who and how long will this coalition exist. From there we will conduct a similar process of building consensus but add in a strategic campaign plan. 

Election Campaign

Trainings and Cohort Coaching

We offer Single and Multi Day Trainings on Leadership, Community Organizing, Coalition Building, and Core Messaging. 

Our Cohort Coaching takes the approach of someone looking to maximize their skill development in the field. With coaching it is more like having a personal trainer at the gym but having a campaign manager for a coach. With cohorts of 8 or less we can help cohorts develop community with each other as they build skills in the various leadership areas. 

Policy and Political Campaign Strategy

We want to be very clear that the strategies and tactics we advise will be strictly grassroots organizing focused. Meaning that any strategy we develop and employ will be morally just, and aligned with values and actions that empower communities especially those marginalized and most vulnerable. 

We will work with candidates that have a proven track record of being community centered and progressive minded. 

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Government Building

Consensus Building

As an outside consultant we can help build consensus amongst a group and help identify the complex problems and issues. Oftentimes the mistake people make is to try and build consensus without the proper time spent investigating and researching the issues. This leads to people not feeling heard but more costly not maximizing the value and talent people have to bring in a situation.  

In addition to facilitating group conversations and building consensus at these meetings we also conduct client stakeholder interviews, research and analysis before going into a group conversation.  

Government Agencies

We also can help government agencies navigate meeting public demands, relations as well as serve as a consultant vendor on special projects. 

With years of public relations, public policy and racial justice background, our expertise can help make sure your initiative is inclusive, engages the community and help maximize everyone's contribution on the project. 

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